Steve Mack was born and raised in Manhattan. His career as a world-class photojournalist spans 40 years. Steve is President and CEO of S.D. Mack Pictures, Inc. (a motion picture production company). 

Steve's editorial entertainment coverage is represented by a premium photo wire service, The Everett Collection and his Clients include (NYC-TV) City of New York Television, The YMCA of Greater New York, The (NFCR) National Foundation for Cancer Research, The (IAEA) International Atomic Energy Agency, The Mentoring Partnership of New York, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, House Photographer for The Bardavon 1869 Opera House, The Ulster Performing Arts Center. At the age of 10, taught by his uncle, a professional news photographer, Steve began taking pictures professionally of crime and accident scenes for his father and prominent Criminal Defense Attorney, Ruben H. Mack (associated with the firm of Stevens, Hinds & White, PC). Professional event coverage included photos at numerous charity functions for The New York Chapter of the Barrister's Wives, chaired by Steve's mother and former Board of Ed School Teacher, Learline B. Mack.In the later years, Steve covered Red Carpet events and concentrated on Entertainment and Music, shooting concerts and portraits of various recording artists. One of the highlights of Steve's career was getting a wedding picture featuring Luther Vandross published in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Steve spent a 3-year stint shooting and editing news programming for the Office Of Communication of the United Church of Christ, involving travel all over the United States and a trip to the U.S.S.R. before the fall of the Soviet Union. Steve's love for the moving image opened up opportunities leading to work producing documentary style videos at high end weddings, corporate events as well as music videos for MTV. As a Photojournalist with 40 years of film photography experience behind him.

Steve has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines domestic and international, including Billboard Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, The Globe, The Amsterdam News, US Weekly, OK Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Vogue Magazine UK, People Magazine, The New York Post and The Daily News to name a few. Steve is well travelled, focusing his experience and talent at up scale events using high end imaging and broadcast quality HD Video. Steve currently uses the most current Canon EOS cameras with L Series Lenses and cinema accessories.


Mara McLaughlin - Entertainment News Assignment Editor, Getty Images / FilmMagic“

I signed Steve Mack on as a Contributor to Getty Images without hesitation. He is an amazing photographer, able to make great images from sometimes less than ideal locations. He just knows how to work a red carpet. While being very organized with his schedule and professional in terms of which assignments he will take, he is flexible and willing to pitch in for the greater good of the whole company.”

Sara Herbert-Galloway - Actress, Charity Consultant, Photojournalist

Steve and I have worked together on countless occasions, usually charity events in Manhattan and the Hamptons. Steve has tremensous attention to detail. He often has the photos uploaded to Getty or Filmmagic and posted on the web before the event is over! No waiting for your photos with Steve Mack...he moves fast. Steve is very personable and easy for everyone to work with. I highly recommend him!

Roberta Thompson - Fashion Designer, WICKED threads“

I have worked with Steve at various fashion show events of mine. His photography skills are excellent. He is professional, punctual, and reliable. I highly recommend Steve for any photo events.”

Ryan Born - Vice President of Finance & Financial Controller, MediaVast, Inc. (WireImage, FilmMagic, Contour Photos, Winc Reps, WireImage Video, WireImageStock)“

Steve is a great talent to have as a part of any team. He really understands the big picture better than any photographer I know. Steve is punctual, polite, well organized, and knowledgeable far beyond the photography world. His past experiences in big business and his present endeavors as a photojournalist give him a unique, realistic perspective on things. He's one of the hardest working people I know and he always keeps his calm and pleasant demeanor, even in tense moments.”