The Legendary 70s DJ


Steve Mack

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Moving and living subjects have to be caught at the peak of the action, the decisive instant that says it all.
-- Ken Rockwell

Steve Mack has been a DJ since 1975. As a classical music student and collector of recorded music, Steve started playing the role of DJ at most school and family gatherings. At the age of 15, Steve played New York's Finest Disco and Best Rock in a Restaurant Club called Court Street, promoted by WPLJ-FM Morning Host, Jim Kerr. Steve was born and raised in New York, the son of a prominent attorney, Ruben H. Mack and educator, Learline Mack. In the college years, Steve worked under the tutelage of Society DJ Slim Hyatt (recognized as America's first Disco DJ) and played events for Peter Duchin Orchestras. Clubs included Studio 54, Doubles (in the Sherry Netherland Hotel), La Folie, The Adams Apple, New York New York, Bond's International, The Arena, Marco's, Starbucks, The Copacabana and more recently events at The Bellagio in Las Vegas, The Waldorf, The Helen Mills Theater, The Union Square Ballroom, Gotham Hall, The Harvard Club, The Yale Club and many other upscale venues.

"There is no crowd I can't reach with my music, touching the essence of their soul and getting them to move. That is what keeps me alive. That's what keeps the party alive."